Intention and Neutrality

brickwallThe Intention(al) Bias

Some energetic modalities emphasize intention as a key component.    They speak of “the power of intention” or positive affirmations as a preferred way of thinking.     Some have asked “is there a role for intention in neutrality?”

It would wrap up this article in a word if I could say “yes” – but this is not the case.


Unfortunately, when we energetically check,
intention is just another bias/block
to our neutrality

If a person or maybe a group (millions) harbors a belief or bias about something – judged good/bad – they unconsciously project that energy out – cumulatively adding with others with similar beliefs, etc., and this energy can affect all of us.    This occurs whether or not they put pen to paper, tell someone verbally or publish a book.

Being neutral to intention (we would call it bias or expectation) and to the energy of information (in general) is a better place to start.

Words can Weaken

Some people are energetically affected (weakened) more by words and descriptions … of something:

  • they think about
  • told to them (heard)
  • read to them
  • they have read themselves
  • they have experienced or witnessed (experience associated to word)

This effect of words or descriptions and their associations adds to the general information-weakening “energy” that’s out in the collective.

Positive or Negative are Still Polarities

The paradox is;  it doesn’t matter if the words, descriptions or information is presented/thought of/believed to be good (do this) or bad (avoid this).

Without neutrality, if there exists a polarity, preference or bias – said or unsaid, our energy – and the energy of others – is affected by the projected / transmitted energy.

Bias creates unevenness in our energy – and can either manifest new symptoms or perpetuate ones we already have.   So, get neutral to the judgment and polarities associated with intention.