Neutrality FAQs


Q: Is neutrality – as defined by the Power of Neutrality® – a spiritual practice?
A:   No.

It is a skill that can be developed to be in a strong energetic place of calm, peace, presence.

A person can have any belief system (or no belief system) and still benefit from neutrality.  When a person is neutral and balanced, and truly has no energetic charge on a situation or outcome, they are above belief,  thought, anticipation, expectation, etc.


Q: Is neutrality similar to the “letting go” or “let it be” philosophies of some other methods?
A: Not really.

Methods that talk about “letting go” could work in the right context, but it’s hit and miss.    Underneath – energetically – we have to know what we need to let go of.

Without energetic testing and intuition, there is no consistent and precise way of finding what is really bothering the person.

The actual issue may be the opposite than what we think or say, or something completely different than what we think or say.

Letting go of something we’re already neutral to – means nothing changes – or worse – we unknowingly strengthen our hold on the current state or “story” – and that’s the primary reason we stay stuck in our symptoms.

Q: Isn’t neutrality the same as positive thinking or Law of Attraction?
A:  No.

  • Some claim that focusing on the positive attracts “like”.   And, it can work for some people.
    A key difference is that the “law” of attraction does not clear away root causes that are getting in the way of what is wanted/desired. Then, when the desired state is not attracted, other coping mechanisms are used that still don’t remove root causes.
  • Others struggle with positive thinking or visualization, because their unconscious beliefs & energy don’t support the things they want to attract.
    (Also, “thinking positively” actually energetically weakens many people, because they’re not neutral)
  • Still others use coping mechanisms to cover up their negatives.   The most common unconscious coping mechanisms are suppressingdenying , shutting down and numbing themselves to the situation.   (“It doesn’t bother me!“)  Eventually these “pushing down” coping mechanisms come to the surface as mental stress or physical symptoms.
  • Avoiding could be called another subtle conscious coping mechanism, but it carries the same energy or charge as any other conscious choice.  The energy we expend and the charge we place on avoiding the experience, thought, etc., keeps us stuck in that place.

Clearing root causes can help Law of Attraction work with all the power that is claimed for it.

Q:  Why is neutrality – the allowing equal energy on the negative and positive – desired – isn’t that a duality?

Yes, the 2 extremes we often use or “paint” – alone – by themselves – are a duality.    In neutrality, we often talk about going to – 2 EXTREMES – to “get neutral”.
What we mean is – neutrality “energizes” – even/equal energy – across the infinite number of possibilities BETWEEN the two extremes of a neutrality.
Not just the extremes, but neutrality means – everything in-between the two extremes- has equal energy.

It’s counterintuitive as most people’s energy is NEUTRAL to the negative outcome, even though they say they don’t want it and are consciously focussing on the positive. (affirmations, visualizations, etc).    When we check, what their energy is not “ok with” / neutral with –  is the POSITIVE (or desired) outcome.

That’s the paradox.
Most think they know what attracts “what I want”…   “I just have to focus on the positive and ignore (more or less) the negative – i.e. “law of attraction” and eventually what I want will manifest.

What we’ve found is what is “energized” to manifest depends – only – on where a person’s ENERGY IS – not what they say, think or believe consciously.

And, checking the energy, many have 1000 times – or more – “intrinsic” / unconscious energy focussed – and “supporting” the negative – causing it to manifest – i.e. create, attract, perpetuate the drama – of what someone may SAY they DON’T want.

The “Law of Attraction” does work, we attract whatever is most prominent in our energy, where our UN-conscious energy is – usually what BOTHERS us, what we SAY we don’t want..    Knowing that, and knowing (through energetic testing) we have no energetic support for our/the “desired” outcome.. in our energy, we can go neutral (dissipate the focussed charge) and “energize” the positive outcome… we THINK we’re putting our energy on, but we’re really not..

To say it again, most people THINK they’re putting their energy “in the right place”, but their energy says it’s usually 180 degrees opposite.

How do we know?   Because, nothing new is manifesting, nothing is changing.    If we experience no result, no change, that’s the proof.

When our energy (unconscious + conscious) energy – is even across the board – then we have some or neutral / equal energy to support what we SAY we want.  The desired outcome – is energized – and more likely (not guaranteed, but more likely) – to manifest something different.

Q: What does it mean to have no reaction? What about world events, etc?    We’re human beings with emotions. 
A:   Neutrality is not about being indifferent to negative everyday happenings,  or world events.

The reality is some situations or events are harder to get neutral to than others.   We call this needing to being okay with not being neutral.  (at times). We need to be OK to be fearful, angry, frustrated at times. 

Our fears, frustration, anger, etc., can feed energy to the unwanted state, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.   We just get as neutral as we can be in any moment – and do our best.

When we are neutral, it frees us up to do what we are able to do to make world conditions better.

Q: Does meditation get us to neutral?
A: It can help.

Meditation or any other practice is a choice.   Some believe meditation gives us the calm, peaceful state and label it a sort of neutral place.

A person can learn to meditate in 4-6 weeks at which point they can notice a physiological shift.   This does help calm a busy mind and can facilitate being able to quickly get neutral.

Meditation may be helpful, but it’s generally slow and we want faster results.    In this modern day and age of supercomputers in our laps, shouldn’t things happen quickly?    

Being neutral to things happening quickly can overcome a common slowness block “heal(ing) takes time”, or the belief that slowness or being deliberate is a better or more certain way than quickness.

Q: Why does this energetic state of “no charge” matter?
A: Because having truly no energetic “charge” on a situation – or – having equal charge on all possibilities – is what allows something new to happen.

Forcing change with visualizations or affirmations can fail because when someone is focusing on a want, they’re also unconsciously focusing on a “don’t want” (fear, discomfort, bad experience) with most likely more energy to manifest or continue manifesting the “don’t want”, so nothing changes.

Q:   How does the neutrality facilitator/coach guide or interact with the other person?
A:   It’s probably no surprise that the interaction needs to be even between the two or more parties – and neutral of course.

Artificial hierarchy or unevenness can block the situation changing for the better.  Evenness of the participants strengthens the evenness – and therefore the results – you want to achieve.

Evenness does not mean being of one opinion or interest or capability.  It means that all are present with no charge on a topic at hand, and all are able (or assisted) to get to neutral when bothered about a topic, person, or situation.

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