About Us

The Power Of Neutrality® team is a group of practitioners dedicated to improving the lives of others through education, coaching and spreading the benefits, awareness, and principles of neutrality.

The seed that eventually became The Power of Neutrality® started in 2010 when Stephen began giving neutrality demos and mini-seminars throughout the area.

During this time, he met literally hundreds of practitioners of different modalities and took special interest in successful practitioners that were shifting people’s energy quickly.

What became clear was the modality used didn’t always determine the best result.   The energy state of the practitioner did.    The more successful energy work practitioners were not attached to outcome.

They were neutral.

There seemed to be a paradox – and that’s what led us to focus on neutrality work – as a separate clearing technique –  that we believe can improve the results of any energy practitioner.

“The biggest paradox about us human beings is
that we don’t support what we say we want,
and we don’t let go of what we say we don’t want!”
– LeRoy Malouf, Treasure Seeker, Author, Energy, Business and Life Coach

The Power of Neutrality® combines friend and mentor LeRoy Malouf’s Energetic Well Being Process successful work “The Positive Power of Being Neutral©” and Stephen’s insights and experience with neutrality creating a more powerful and comprehensive clearing technique that anyone can learn and use.

Neutrality simply widens the playing field of possibilities
– increasing our chances of experiencing a different outcome.
– Stephen Dupre, The Power Of Neutrality® Coach


Meet Stephen Dupre, a YUEN Method® Certified Instructor – Certified by YUEN Method® founder Dr. Kam Yuen.


Stephen is the founder of The Power of Neutrality®
… a supportive, complementary energy clearing technique
… that can be used with any energetic modality to achieve optimum results
… and is an integral component of YUEN Method®

Our neutrality determines what may manifest in the next moment.



I was born and raised in Massachusetts and am a University of Massachusetts – Amherst graduate with a BS in Computer Systems Engineering and by day work for a well-known software company.

Always interested in wellness,  I studied areas as varied as frequency devices & electro medicine, nutrition and energy work modalities.  My journey into optimum wellness and energetic methods eventually led me to the YUEN Method®   and its most integral focus on neutrality.

The Power of Neutrality® focus on shifting energy  – to evenness – is remarkably simple, extremely fast and comprehensive for clearing our life issues, reactions  and blocks to perceiving change.

A Writer, Teacher and Coach at Heart
I started my own brand with 2 web sites – the primary one NowEnergetics – based on YUEN Method® and also The Power of Neutrality®, with the intention of sharing my experiences, knowledge and educating others as primary focus – even more so than doing sessions.

Visit our The Power of Neutrality® Facebook page for more information and short articles focussed on neutrality.